Hello People

In order for a dream to come true the way you imagined it, takes passion, hard work and perseverance.

Two childhood friends, combined their knowledge and experience on how to prepare high quality meat and have succeeded in offering devine meals packed with flavours along with memorable service.

Original rock music in the background is wisely chosen, offering the feeling of a rock concert. Unique decor is a major requirement for ‘Argos Burger’ and that is the reason you will observe items nowhere else seen.

Not only will you be carried away by the cosy atmosphere, the food and the music but also by the friendly and excellent service. Our goal is to make you feel that you are visiting a friend’s home and not just another restaurant.

At Argos you will find different faces trying to make you every moment special and unforgettable. Build upon a legacy of great food, we trying to take out our motto ‘ YOUR FOOD..OUR PASSION’. At Argos we are obsessed about our burgers, that’s why we make them from scratch in our restaurant every day. We are one of a few burger houses across the island, which provide proper burger cooking temperature starting from blue to well done ( a.k.a waste of good meat). And we will continue do this because we want to make sure that you enjoy the finest handmade burgers made with imagination and rock music in the background every single day.

Love you all!!

Argos team